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Stay Standing This Winter


Winter is finally here.  It's time for hot cocoa, snowy tree tops and cozy blankets.  The inevitable also comes along with winter as well, slippery ice!  We all have to take proper precautions to avoid slipping and falling this winter.  

Here are some helpful tips to avoid slipping and falling. 


Walk Like a Penguin
The penguin waddle helps you keep a centre of gravity over the front leg as you step, instead of split between the legs. Short strides also help keep your centre of gravity, which help avoid falls. When walking, extend your arms out from your sides to increase your centre of gravity. Walk slowly, with short strides and try to land your steps with a flat foot.

Take Precautions
Be extra cautious walking after a storm. Tap your foot on potentially icy areas to see if it is slippery. Hold a railing while walking on icy steps. Stay steady by wearing proper winter footwear. Lightweight boots with a thick, non-slip tread sole will provide good traction on ice. If a sidewalk is icy down the middle, walk on the snow beside it to avoid slips.  

Boost Balance with Exercise
You can’t control the weather, but you can improve your balance through regular exercise. Exercise is an ideal way to help you stay safely on your feet because it helps improve balance, flexibility and strength. Talk to one of our doctors about ways to improve your balance and strength in order to prevent falls. 

Visit Your Chiropractor
Don’t let a fall get you down. If you do take a tumble, visit your chiropractor. They’ll get you back to doing the things you love to do and will work with the rest of your care team to help prevent future falls.


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