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Usually after treatment and during the initial acute phase of care we recommend the application of ice to area involved and/or instructed by the doctors. Ice packs and bags of frozen vegetables usually work well to conform to the area. Make sure you wrap the ice pack in some sort of barrier (paper towel, bath towel, etc) before applcation to the skin. Icing is to be used for 20 MINUTES at a time. However the individual may benefit from multiple icings throughout the day spaced approximately 1 hour apart from one another. Should you have any questions, please feel free to email us [email protected] or call the office 544-1540.

HOME EXERCISES: Below please find helpful exercises and strengthening guides that we use in the office.

Exercises: Lowerback 1
Exercises: Lowerback 2
Exercises: Neck
Phase 1 Core
Phase 2 Core
Phase 3 Core


To flush out acids and other waste products in muscles and joints, we recommend drinking 1/2 of your body weight in onces per day. In other words, if you weight 150 lbs make an effort to drink 75 oz of water per day to aid in proper health.



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