Rehabilitation is a progression of stretches and exercises targeting the posture and movements of the body.

Why is Rehabilitation necessary?

Muscle and joint (musculoskeletal) problems often begin small and undetected. Conditions such as poor posture, inadequate healing from an old injury, or imbalances in movement may be hard to notice. Over time, though, these small problems progress and become painful. This sequence is reversed when treating these problems. Chiropractic Adjustments and Active Release are used to correct joint and muscle problems, reducing pain. However, rehabilitation is needed to correct poor posture and imbalanced movements so a problem resolves completely and minimizes its chance of returning.

What are Rehabilitation sessions like?

During each session, stretches and exercises are taught to target the weakness and/or imbalance. Each session the stretches and exercises build on those given previously. Multiple stretches and exercises are taught during the sessions. Heavy emphasis is placed on performing the exercise correctly. The number of sessions ranges from 5-10 depending on the severity of correction needed.

What is different about our Rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation programs have two weaknesses that we have tried to correct. First, some programs recommend the use of special equipment, which means patients would have to purchase expensive equipment or join a gym. We eliminate this problem because all of the stretches and exercises in our program can be done at home without the use of special equipment. Second, some programs fail to explain the connection between the exercise and how it helps in real life. In our programs, we focus heavily on educating the patient on how an exercise is going to transfer to their normal daily activities. We realize if you just wanted a workout you could do that on your own.

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