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What our patients have to say..
  • I recommend Dr. Colby & Dr. Tina all the time. They have done wonders for me and my health and comfort!

    - Kim G.
  • I absolutely love this place. They are super helpful and Dr. Colby does an awesome job of explaining everything to you so you feel comfortable.

    - Kiki D.
  • Dr. Colby Shores and his friendly staff make sure you get the proper care and attention no matter what time your appointment is.

    - Sean G.
  • Great office and team.  Both Drs. compassionate and skilled and very helpful.  Recommend highly!

    - David R.
  • Great facility. Warm and cozy. Very friendly. Dr. Shores is great. Massage therapy available. Entrance at rear parking lot.

    - Jim P.
  • The staff is incredibly friendly and caring (they know you by first name) and the place is warm and inviting, putting you at ease. The chiropractors are just amazing at what they do. I can't believe how quickly it took for my sore back to get on the mend! I highly recommend this business!

    - Daniella I.
  • Both Dr. Colby and Dr. Tina are amazing. They are great at chiropractic care and also friendly and personable. I recommend them to anyone in need of a chiropractor. Wait time is minimal if there's any at all. The office is clean. Office staff is friendly and helpful. Appointments are made easily especially in cases of emergency. Love them!

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  • To be honest, I usually expect most chiropractic offices to feel medical and plain. I was pleasantly surprised when I walked into a comfortable, warm setting with smiling (genuine smiles, at that!) employees. The intake was comprehensive and I was asked on the phone to arrive 15 minutes early to complete it.

    The front desk employees were very nice and helpful when I had a question about the paperwork and walked me back to the exam room when I was finished instead of continuing to stay in the waiting room since I was so physically uncomfortable.

    The exam room felt like I was in private house with a very comfortable chair (with a life-saving back rest pillow) and wood features that we all love in Rochester's older homes. My doctor (Dr. Kevin) was kind, patient, and I could see the wheels turning in his head as he tried his best to figure out the cause of my pain.

    I thought the intake was extensive. That didn't compare to the testing and examining. And I loved every minute. I felt truly cared for in a way I never thought to experience at a chiropractor's office.

    While my initial visit didn't 'fix me', we have a diagnosis and a treatment plan in place.

    The honesty, concern, professionalism, and quality of care from all involved was refreshing and ensured that I'll be a loyal patient.

    Thank you all so much!

    Show More - Courney Z.
  • Both Dr. Colby and Dr. Kevin are great. They have successfully helped me whenever my back is causing pain. Also the staff is always friendly and accommodating. I recommend  them without hesitation.

    - Russ P.

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