Rocktape FMT

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We are proud to let our patients know that Dr. Colby and Dr. Tina are both FMT Certified Providers

What is FMT Certification?
- Functional Movement Techniques represent the latest and most innovative methods in the use of kinesiology tape, based on the concept of “taping movement, not muscles”
- Certification is earned after completing a rigorous course in proper RockTape kinesiology taping
- Includes a function based assessment for injuries and abnormal movements
- Part of treatment may involve preventative exercises at home.
 What are some uses of RockTape?
 - Provide Support and Stability
 - Facilitate Lymphatic Drainage
 - Reduce Inflammation
 - Enhance Performance and Prevent Injury
 - Promote Good Circulation and Healing

We hope you have enjoyed last year of complimentary taping services.  Starting January 2018, taping will be complimentary with the purchase of a roll of Rock Tape.  If you don’t need a whole roll, as-needed FMT services are $5/per taping and are not covered by insurance.

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