Meet The Staff

  • cheyenne
    Cheyenne Landers
    Billing Specialist

    She came all the way from California in August 2021 to visit her sister and brother-in-law and made the decision to have a fresh start and stay in New York a couple days into the vacation. While she’s still trying to get used to the Rochester winters, she’s met a lot of great people while bowling or playing pool. She is also continuing to go to school for physical therapy while working with us full time. 

  • ann
    AnnMarie Keenan
    Office Manager

    AnnMarie Keenan first encountered Chiropractic after suffering injuries as a result of a car accident.  She quickly saw the benefits of chiropractic care and has never looked back since then.  She has been assisting patients needs at the front desk since 2005. Most patients find their day is complete after receiving her friendly smile as they are either entering or leaving the office.

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