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Helpful Tips for Winter Driving


1. Stay Calm
While being nervous while driving in bad weather is normal, you want to stay as calm and clear-headed as possible.  Panicking just makes everything worse.  Just Breathe!

2. Keep Your Distance
Keep enough distance between you and the car in front of you for safety.  Maintain a four-second gap between you and the car in front of you to provide reaction time.  In icy weather, you want to leave even more distance between you and the car in front of you in case of skidding, sliding or sudden breaking.  Be mindful that bridges will ice over before roads.

3. Be Prepared
During cold weather months, make sure you always have at least a half a tank of gas and a window scraper in the car.  (if you really aren't prepared, a credit card will work too!)  A small snow shovel, gloves, hat and a blanket are smart additions in case of an emergency.  

4. Steer into Skids
If you start to slide of lose control of your car, take your foot of the gas, pump your brakes and steer into the skid to regain control before steering away from it.

5. Decrease Tension While Driving
Ask one of the doctors in our office for some customized exercises and strengthening tips to decrease tension while driving for long or short periods of time.  A chiropractor will be able to determine the areas that are most in need of improvement.  They will gently place their hands on those places and manipulate them into the correct position, which can also help the muscles to relax.  

Once your initial problem has been resolved, regular visits to your Chiropractor can help you to continue feeling your best!

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